Changing my life

Disrespectful, lying, unconfident, non-caring—these are some words that described me before I ended up at Thayer Learning Center boot camp. My life was crazy and out of control. I arrived here in August. Before I came to Thayer Learning Center I didn’t care about anyone but myself. I would scream and yell at my mom until she would give me what I wanted. I didn’t care if I was hurting my family as long as I was getting my way. I started out smoking cigarettes, which led to getting drunk on the weekends and sneaking out of the house. Soon that led to smoking pot and going to out of control parties. When pot or alcohol weren’t available to me I would go through the medicine cabinet to get Vicodin or anything else I could find. I started out doing these things every so often but the year before I came to Thayer Learning Center it became an everyday thing and I would come home late just so I could party longer. I thought my lifestyle was great. I got a rush from doing the wrong thing. When my parents wouldn’t let me go out I ran away and stayed with my boyfriend, but a few days later I came home. Soon I tried to do whatever I could to get them to kick me out of the house. A week before I got here my wish came true. My dad kicked me out of the house. I stayed with my boyfriend and didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to go back home and part of me didn’t. The day before I came here my mom tried to get me to stay home. I didn’t want to. Soon I was fighting my dad and my uncle because I wouldn’t get in the car. I knew something wasn’t right; my parents were trying too hard to get me to go on vacation with them. A while later I was here. My life was about to change.

While I’ve been here I’ve built a better relationship with my family. Now my mom who a year ago I hated isn’t just my mom, she is my best friend. I’ve found how good it feels for people to trust me and to know that everything I have, I’ve earned, and nothing was given to me. Now a year after my arrival to Thayer Learning Center I am a better person. Thayer Learning Center didn’t change me, I changed myself but Thayer Learning Center gave me the tools I needed to walk through life with confidence, happiness, and respect for myself and others.

First I’d life to thank God for giving me the strength to go through each day. Also Ms. Willa and Mr. Bundy for giving us kids a place to better our lives, I’d like to thank the staff for helping me get through the end of the program and making Junior Staff the best. I’d like to thank the staff here for coming every day to motivate us to change our lives, but mostly I’d like to thank my mom who has helped me through every step of the program.

Today I stand before you a confident, respectful, and trustworthy young woman, and a graduate of Thayer Learning Center.