Major learning experience

Hello. I have been at Thayer Learning Center for a year now. Within that year I have overcome many of my bad habits. In addition I have an extremely better relationship with my family.

Before I came to Thayer Learning Center I never spoke with my mom. I disrespected my whole family and all the people around me. I constantly smoked marijuana and drank alcohol. I got into fights every day at school until I got myself kicked out of school. I was making a lot of stupid choices just to be cool or ‘fit in.’ I hung out with a lot of people who were older than me which influenced me to do a lot of things I regretted doing in the end. Not even realizing it, I was headed on a path of destruction.

I arrived at Thayer Learning Center November 15, 2003. I had a hard time when I first came here. I thought I was always right, and I thought every one was against me and no one wanted me to get anywhere in life. I was put into isolation several times within my first five months of my stay here, but the last time I was in isolation I finally realized that I wasn’t going to get anywhere with the attitude I had. So I finally decided to start working my way through the program. Within 2 weeks of hard work I earned my brown shirt. The awesome thing about that was I can finally say I earned something instead of stealing it or cheating my way through to get it.

I moved up to residency after 100 days. That’s when I earned the best privilege of all; speaking with my family. I realized in residency how much my family cared about me, and that I am here to change my life. I understood what I was doing at home was wrong so I was going to do everything in my power to prove to myself, family and society I can be a productive citizen outside Thayer Learning Center. I went down to boot camp twice within the four months I was in residency, but both of those times were major learning experiences for me.

I moved up to Junior Staff a little after 7 months of being here. Junior Staff to me was the hardest and the best part of the program. In Junior Staff you have to be constantly setting the example to all the other cadets in the program. In Junior Staff I learned to make every minute of the week as productive as possible. In addition I learned how stressful it is to have a job and in that job I experienced how my family feels when they want me to do something and I do the complete opposite.

I owe thanks to many people here but first I’d like to thank God because if it wasn’t for God I wouldn’t be where I am today. Second I would like to thank my family for never giving up on me and putting me through this even though it was hard for not just me but for them. Third I would like to thank Mrs. Willa and Mr. Bundy for making me understand no one is going to get me anywhere but myself. I would like to give a big thanks to the directors and family reps for helping me out with all my problems. Thanks to the sergeants for making Junior Staff so much fun and for always motivating me to strive for perfection. And I would like to thank the rest of the staff at Thayer Learning Center. Thank you everyone for your help, I appreciate it.