Christian Boarding High Schools

What Are Christian Boarding High Schools?

Christian boarding high schools are full educational programs that house students on campus during the academic year and kids return to their families during the summer and on holidays. Students live in dormitories where they share sleeping and study spaces with two-to-three other kids. Some of these educational programs are coeducational and some try to limit distraction of the students by only allowing one gender to enroll. Because the programs are private educational institutes, parents assume the financial responsibility for tuition, room, and board. Parents often choose this option of education because the quality of education that students receive is typically much greater than public education systems. Christian boarding schools rely on tight religious morals to help students progress emotionally and mature.

Advantages of Religion Based Educational Programs

Christian boarding high schools are quality education programs that can provide a high-end education with small class sizes that make it easy for instructors to meet the needs of every student. These programs have an advantage over public education because of this reason. Another advantage of these educational programs is the strong moral foundation the program is built on. Students are encouraged to adhere to the moral guidelines and beliefs of the religion and to build healthy spiritual relationships. This can help with teenagers who struggle with many different troubles. Kids with substance abuse/addiction problems, mood disorders, and other behavioral disturbances can benefit from developing a healthy spiritual life. Students also benefit from living on-campus where kids are creating bonds and friendships with other students working toward similar positive goals. This environment takes them away from the public educational system where students could be negatively influenced by a destructive social group.

Disadvantages of Christian Boarding High Schools

Christian boarding high schools do have a couple disadvantages. One of the biggest downfalls with these programs is the religious foundation that they are built on. Though religious based educational facilities can be beneficial, for students who are struggling, or teenagers that are trying to create their own belief system, a forced religious environment can cause extreme rebellion. Most Christian boarding high schools tend to focus more on religious growth than personal adolescent improvement, which can be devastating to the emotional well-being of a struggling teenager that needs appropriate care. Kids with significant emotional or behavioral problems are not likely to receive the kind of help they need in traditional religious based educational programs. They need the care and support of professionals that understand how to handle different adolescent issues. One of the places that teenagers can receive this kind of care is in residential treatment centers.

Christian Boarding High Schools and Other Options

Residential treatment centers are healthy alternative options to Christian boarding high schools. Both provide a full academic education and constant on-campus supervision that can ensure the structure and discipline of each child, but residential treatment centers allow much more care than Christian boarding high schools can. Our highly recommended youth residential treatment centers offer professional care and support from mental and medical health care workers that can help students identify their personal struggles and find the right kind of treatment to help students cope with and overcome different personal issues, like: defiant behavior, lack of respect, addiction, self-harm, eating disorders, mental health disorders, learning difficulties, and other destructive adolescent behavior.

If you have a child that is struggling academically, behaviorally, socially, or emotionally, our youth residential treatment centers can offer the care and support that can help. No child should suffer from the confusion and frustration that comes from not understanding how to fix a personal challenge. Our programs are reliable options of education and treatment for kids with minor and severe personal challenges. Call us now to learn more about our structured treatment courses and how we can help you help your child. Continue learning more on our Christian therapeutic boarding schools page.