Christian Boarding Schools for Boys

Christian Boarding Schools for Boys – What Are They?

Christian boarding schools for boys are single-sex private academic programs that house kids on campus while providing them with a full-quality education. This program tries to limit distraction of students and help them excel by allowing only one gender to enroll. Like other private education programs, parents often choose Christian boarding schools for boys who need strict structure and supervision to ensure that they excel academically and socially. The cost of these programs can vary, but are typically quite expensive, though many of the programs do offer scholarships and other financing options. With a religious based structure, these educational programs encourage spiritual development along with academic development. These programs are often used by parents as “behavior modification” programs for troubled teenagers.

How Youth Programs Can Help Teens with Emotional Disorders

For students with emotional troubles, Christian boarding schools for boys help young men become well-structured and self-disciplined. Both skills of which the public education system lacks in helping students find. These programs help significantly by simply removing students from a negative social environment. Many parents have trouble keeping tabs on difficult or destructive teenagers and benefit from knowing that their children are safe and supervised in private academic institutes. Another helpful gain from these academic programs is the quality of education provided. Small classes and well-qualified instructors ensure that every student is given the attention that he needs. Also, by creating single-sex academic atmospheres, the programs can limit the social distraction that many kids find in coeducational programs.

Complications with Christian Boarding Schools for Boys

A significant challenge with Christian boarding schools for boys is the lack of therapeutic care that many adolescent young men need when they struggle emotionally or behaviorally. Different emotional problems that people suffer from can lead to other severe problems, like: substance abuse/addiction, physical impairments, self-harm, and suicide. Many reports are starting to suggest different physical problems that are brought on by mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

“We found a significant association between hearing impairment and moderate to severe depression,” said study author Dr. Chuan-Ming Li, a researcher at the U.S. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. - Webmd

It is important to make sure that the right kind of help be provided to someone who is struggling with even minor behavioral problems. Some studies by social experts suggest that Christian boarding schools for boys do not have any advantage over coeducational programs, but might hinder the social development of adolescents. For well-rounded academic and social development, a single-sex private education is not the most effective option.

Alternatives to Christian Boarding Schools for Boys

There are alternative options to Christian boarding schools for boys. One excellent option is residential treatment centers. Residential treatment centers offer the same quality education that Christian boarding schools for boys do, but put a strong emphasis on emotional/behavioral treatment. Students are given professional care and support for kids with:
* Substance abuse/addiction
* Defiance, problems with authority
* Learning difficulties
* Self-harm, suicide ideation (does not include attempts)
* Mood disorders, conduct disorder
* and other similar behavioral and emotional disturbances

Our residential treatment centers are a popular option among parents of difficult teenagers and are highly recommended sources of care. We know what most treatment programs lack and strive to provide the best possible care for students with a wide range of personal troubles.

If your child is struggling with minor or severe problems, we can help. We urge you to contact one of our representatives to learn more about our quality programs and how we can help put your child back on to a successful life path. We are confident that we can find the right kind of help and care that will work. Your child can be successful and happy in every area of life.

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