Christian Boarding Schools for Girls

What Are Christian Boarding Schools for Girls?

Christian boarding schools for girls are private academic programs that allow girls to live on campus during the academic year. Most students return to their families during the summer and holidays, but return for the continuing year. Students live in dormitories where they share living, sleeping, and study spaces with other students. Christian boarding schools for girls use a strong religious structure to help students build strong moral foundations. This educational program is often used to modify poor, defiant behavior in teenagers. The constant supervision and guided structure help teach kids self-discipline and self-reliability. The cost of these private religious programs can be quite high, but there are different financial options available to help cover the costs of tuition, room, and board (continue learning more on our Christian boarding schools for boys page).

Benefits – Religious Based Academic Programs

Christian boarding schools for girls are low-distraction academic programs because of the single-sex nature. Young girls are able to focus more on their academic and behavioral growth instead of developing social connections with the opposite gender. Many students find this program liberating and feel as if they can participate in extra-curricular athletic activities without the pressure or influence of the opposite sex. Parents can also benefit from this educational choice. Many working parents are unable to supervise their adolescent young women well, and this academic environment ensures the safety and supervision of students. This can lift a heavy burden off parents that feel like they do not have the amount of time needed to make sure that their children receive the professional and academic support that they really need. Aside from the benefits that parents receive by enrolling kids in this program, students know that they have the help that they need whenever they find themselves struggling.

Downsides – Christian Boarding Schools for Girls

One downside of Christian boarding schools for girls is the single-sex nature of the program. Though some social experts argue that single-sex curriculums help limit the distraction of students, there is little to no advantage that these institutes have over coeducational programs. In fact, social experts argue that students are hindered in social development by not mixing gender in the curriculum. Another disadvantage of these programs is for students with major behavioral or emotional troubles. Christian boarding schools for girls hold very high academic and behavioral standards, and if these are not met, these programs are quick to expel students. This environment can put a lot of pressure on students. If a young woman is not emotionally equipped to handle the stress, the program could cause more damage than help. The stress and pressure of private education programs can be too much for children that have even minor behavioral problems. These programs are not the right choice of help for many kids. Not every child learns in the same way and these programs rely heavily on religious teachings and beliefs that help secure and stabilize students. Though this kind of support can be extremely helpful for some kids, for many students it isn’t the kind of help they require.

Christian Boarding Schools for Girls – Successful Alternatives

There are better alternative educational programs to Christian boarding schools for girls. One healthy alternative is a therapeutic program. This program provides the same quality education as Christian boarding schools for girls, but offers alternative therapeutic treatment to care for minor and major adolescent troubles. This option provides a safe and stable environment for students to identify any underlying issues and to work with professional care workers that can develop a treatment plan that will work. Our therapeutic programs were designed to provide the kind of treatment that is lacking in other youth education and treatment programs.

For highly qualified and recommended youth educational programs, we encourage you to look at our successful programs. We are confident that we can provide a successful academic and therapeutic program that will provide health, balance and structure for your child. Contact us now to learn more.