Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools

What are Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools?

An excellent youth treatment option for troubled kids is Christian therapeutic boarding schools. These religious programs provide professional medical and mental health care while also providing a traditional education. Parents often choose this treatment program to help kids with:

* Substance abuse and addiction issues
* Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety
* Self-harm and suicide ideation (does not include attempts)
* Violent and aggressive behavior, problems with authority
* Learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, and
* Defiance/Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
* and other similar behavioral/emotional troubles

Christian therapeutic boarding schools also help students develop spiritually by encouraging religious morals and spiritual relationships. Kids live on campus during treatment and are sometimes allowed to return home during holidays and summer. This program is considered long-term treatment. Depending on the kind of attention needed, students could remain in treatment for 12 months or more.

Private Youth Programs – How They Help

Christian therapeutic boarding schools can provide help for students that are experiencing many personal challenges. The professional care available can help kids identify what their personal struggles are, how to cope with them in healthy ways, and how to overcome the problem. Many students do not know that their negative feelings can be treated. Destructive behavior often stems from underlying personal issues that many teenagers are unaware of. Adolescent care programs like these can help kids learn how to express their feelings in a way that can create positive growth in relationships, both during and outside of treatment. Many private youth treatment programs advertise very short-term treatment which can be ineffective in the long-term. These private educational programs are long-term programs that provide the time and attention that destructive teenagers need to be successful in and out of treatment.

Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Downfalls

One major downfall with Christian therapeutic boarding schools is that the programs rely solely on religious teachings to help students with emotional or behavioral troubles. Unfortunately, this method of treatment does not work for teenage addicts or teenage substance abusers. Many teens are quick to develop addictive personalities from using a substance just once or twice. Many studies show that teenage substance use turns into a strong habit later on in life that is much harder to break.

The results are significant, he adds, “because it has been shown that people who begin smoking in adolescence are more likely to become lifelong smokers than people who start smoking later in life.” - UCSF

Without the right kind of treatment, adolescent substance abusers or users are more likely to develop long term addiction problems and have trouble breaking any cycle of addiction. Another problem with Christian therapeutic boarding schools is that many troubled adolescents do not want to be coerced into formulating any type of opinion or belief. In fact, they often shun teachings that are meant to guide and help them. This type of program could cause significant rebellion in some teenagers.

Christian Therapeutic Boarding Schools VS. Residential Treatment Centers

Christian therapeutic boarding schools can help students with some emotional or behavioral problems, but for the most effective and quality help, we strongly suggest our residential treatment centers that provide the kind of care that most other youth treatment programs do not. We know that not every kid learns in the same way and we strive to provide an atmosphere that allows optimal treatment for each child. Though Christian therapeutic boarding schools offer a wide range of benefits, for many children it is simply not enough.

If your child is struggling academically, emotionally, behaviorally, or socially, we can help. Our highly recommended residential treatment centers provide around the clock care for students that are just beginning the recovery process, or are still searching the right kind of treatment. Call one of our representatives right now to learn more about our reliable residential treatment centers and what we can do to get your child back on a path of emotional health and stability. We can help.