Private Christian Boarding Schools

About Private Christian Boarding Schools

Private Christian boarding schools are religious educational programs that parents often choose over public school if they believe that the quality of education is better, which it usually is. Students live on-campus during the academic year and will often go home during holidays and the summer months. However, many students will remain on-campus during these times, as well. It is not uncommon for parents to send their children to private Christian boarding schools when their kids start misbehaving or losing focus in schoolwork. This program serves as a high-end college preparatory program and helps kids prepare mentally, socially, and academically to be successful in their college lives and beyond. These programs can be quite expensive, but do offer different kinds of scholarships and other financing options to help with tuition (if you’d like to continue learning more see our Christian boarding high schools page).

Religious Based Academic Institutes – Do They Work?

Religious educational programs like private Christian boarding schools offer a very quality education. Because these programs are privately funded, they offer small class sizes and have the means to provide excellent instructors. Where many public schools lack in funding and can’t provide relevant and up-to-date course material, these programs typically have the means to. Another benefit of religious based academic programs is the moral structure that students live-in during attendance. Students are encouraged to follow and adhere to the religious beliefs of the program which can help guide young people to make mature life decisions that will set them on a path of clarity and positivity. Small class sizes and excellent instructors ensure that every child receives the kind of education that can prepare them for successful college careers. Most students who graduate from these academic facilities go on to be very successful after.

Private Christian Boarding Schools – Negative Aspects

There are a few negative aspects of private Christian boarding schools, though. One of the downsides of these programs is for students who do not necessarily believe in the particular religion. Teenagers are typically in a phase of realizing their own beliefs and setting up their own life paths and many can be rebellious when it comes to religion. If a student is really pushing his/her boundaries with making decisions and formulating opinions, this program could turn them away from the religion. Another downside with these curriculums is with the high standards the facilities holds with each of its students. For kids that are in need of help for learning difficulties, substance abuse issues, defiant behavior, and other poor behavioral habits, private Christian boarding schools will not provide the kind of help that these kids need. Without proper treatment, kids that are struggling during their teenage years could face significant long-term hardships.

Positive Alternatives to Private Christian Boarding Schools

A healthy alternative option to private Christian boarding schools is a therapeutic educational program. Therapeutic educational programs give students a little more openness than private Christian boarding schools, while still providing the same quality of education structure. They are also able to offer professional medical and mental health support for students who have significant emotional or behavioral challenges that cannot be addressed in traditional religious based educational facilities. Our therapeutic programs for troubled teens are reliable alternatives to religious based programs. We know what is missing from other programs created to help difficult teenagers and try to create a positive environment where kids can progress academically, socially, and behaviorally.

Whether your child is struggling with minor issues, like: being defiant or lacking respect, or is having major emotional struggles, we can help. Our highly qualified therapeutic educational programs have the quality care that many other youth programs lack. We know that our programs can help your child develop in all aspects of life. If you are seeking a great academic program that can teach your child valuable social and life skills that will help him/her succeed in all areas of life, contact one of our representatives right now. We know we can be that positive change that you are seeking. Please call us now to get the best help for your child.